In learning Ka Ta See  we discover an easeful, energizing way of being. We free our minds of the pressures to be a certain way. We learn to let go of trudging through life with 

With Ka Ta See we learn how to walk lightly with balance and release the shoulds, have tos, and nagging conflicts. This makes life so much more enjoyable and healthy.

Ka Ta See helps us go within to discover what is incredibly beautiful, incorruptible, and reliable about ourselves. It teaches us to feel and identify with the delicious sensation of our own signature, own our inner knowing, aliveness, and playfulness. This is living in the feeling of who we each have been through the eons. In Ka Ta See we poetically refer to this feeling as our "Song". Feeling our own unique Song is living in true awakeness.  

​​When studying Ka Ta See we learn a new way of perceiving life that makes it possible for us to sense into things like never before. It opens a panorama of 

​​​​​​both the physical and beyond-time-and-space aspects of life to explore with curiosity and excitement.

Ka Ta See is the allowing of unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, and undying gratitude to flow like a river through us. It is the making of sacred connections with life all around us. These are characterized by giving and receiving without expectations or attachments. It is the building of friendships, partnerships, and community based on respect and harmony.

Ka Ta See is a knowledge that helps us awaken to our vast potential. It assists us in creating the life that our Beingness really wants. Imagine waking up each day knowing that you are living that kind of life!

Ka Ta See is a 30,000 year old shamanic tradition that means "living in balance from the heart."  It is a knowledge that helps people live in balance in their wholeness and passion for life. It teaches how to discover our real identity as unique Beings and how to live in the vast and wondrous feeling of who and what we really are. 

Ka Ta See brings self-empowerment and transformation by giving people tools to develop a rich and strong sense of inner knowing. It honors the Spirit of each person as enormously capable and creative. As we all know, life has it challenges. This knowledge gives you tools to move through them.

Ka Ta See teaches how to purposefully gather and direct our attention to have the impact we want. It is a vibrant way of thinking and feeling that brings deep caring and healing to self, others, and the world. ​​

Ka Ta See

Ways of the Eastern Andes

as taught by the Hetakas

  Learn and use the tools of  Ka Ta See to . . .

  • know the wondrous feeling of your true Beingness
  • live in that 'in love with life' feeling 24-7
  • awaken your abilities to perceive spiritually and physically
  • cultivate your abilities to talk with the Spirits
  • create balanced and caring friendships and community 
  • discover and develop your unique gifts
  • explore how to apply them to your path and your work 
  • live in vibrant health and well being
  • create a life that spills over with abundance
  • impact your world in ways that bring healing and harmony
  • cultivate a deeply connected intimate relationship
  • release those things that block you from accomplishing all the above​​​

and have FUN doing it all!! 

Unlock the secrets to your JOY AND PEACE  


​We have the opportunity to create an Era of the Heart that brings endless healing, caring, and wonder to our planet and all life on it. This is a world that we together can create for ourselves and generations to come.

How would you like to be part of creating such a world?

Want to explore more about Ka Ta See?

There is more information throughout this site that will give you a bigger picture of what this knowledge can offer you and our planet.

In knowing and living in our Song, we become the authors of our own life. In claiming our worth and giftedness,  we can begin to create a new paradigm on the Earth. 

burdens stacked on our shoulders. Toil and hardship is an archaic western cultural mindset that does not benefit anyone, and goes against the river of life.