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Ka Ta See Counseling Program

Ka Ta See Counseling 
& Guidance Program*

developing extraordinary awareness
and skill

"When you truly understand and know yourself then you have your attention in your heart and under your control. To know yourself is know your power."
- Domano Hetaka, an elder 
and teacher of Ka Ta See
Sacred Link by 
Kay Cordell Whitaker

Eyes of the Heart
The Ka Ta See Counseling Four-Year Program is very unique. It teaches you how to live in your Song, the vibrant feeling sensation of your true essence.

You will learn how to offer
counseling that teaches you to feel and perceive clearly without judgment from the Eyes of Your Heart so that you may assist others in their awakening and healing.

When you know your Song, you will be able to
help others find their happiness and clarity.

An Exceptional Program
There is no other program like this one in the world. The program is based entirely on the teachings of Ka Ta See, the Ways of the Eastern Andes. 

Ken teaches the Ka Ta See Counseling Program.

Ceremonies and Spirit Journeys
During the program's classes you will experience first-hand the authentic intact ancient ceremonies and journeys of Ka Ta See.

Awareness Practices and Manifestation Ceremonies
In the class gathering, you also will experience Ka Ta See awareness practices and ceremonies that assist you in focusing your attention, the totality of your thoughts, feelings, body, and intuition. 

Teachings About Releasing Masks
Ka Ta See provides teachings that are extremely effective and comprehensive in naming and releasing unwanted cultural programming, which we refer to as "masks." Masks are addictive habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that squelch your Song and manufacture unwanted realities in your life. 

When we name and release masks, we become free, because no longer are we caught up in their uncomfortable and distorting dynamics. We are able to think and feel outside of the box..

Applications to Counseling and Mentoring
In learning Ka Ta See and how to live in your Song, you will develop a whole new way listening, perceiving, and understanding. This form of counseling and mentoring provides you with the awareness and tools to help others awaken their wondrous identities and gifts.

There is a very noticeable and wondrous difference in interacting with others when you walk with the knowing of Ka Ta See. 

For More Info and to Apply for a Future Two -Year Program
Please send an email to Ken describing your interest in Ka Ta See, the program, and some background information about you and your experiences.

As the present class if full, your name will be added to a contact list to be notified of a future class series.

All Walks of Life
Registrants are welcomed from all walks of life. In past classes, participants were active in the fields of nursing, alternative therapy (massage, chiropractic, herbal), artistic expression, and office and business management. There also have been students of shamanism and retirees.

Everyone's path and background is unique and this adds a wonderful diversity to the class experience.

*Waiver: Please note that the Ka Ta See Counseling Program does not teach or provide western psycho-therapeutic modalities of diagnosis and treatment. This program is based entirely on an ancient spiritual tradition of unconditional love and awakening of Ka Ta See. If you are interested in a more western approach to things, please seek an educational institution that offers you the training.

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