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Setting the World in Balance  
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            Ka Ta See                        
       Setting the World in Balance
         Ways of the Eastern Andes

What's in Your Happiness Tool Box?

What do you have in your awareness that consistently serves as effective tools for living in your joy? 

Tools for happiness give us the personal power to thrive in ease and abundance. With tools in our spiritual tool box, we always can reach in, find what we are looking for, and use the tool purposefully.

Like an artist who grabs a fine brush to dip into her palette of paints, we can grab a hold of a reliable tool and use it for our well-being. What colors we can paint onto the canvas of our days and nights!

Without tools, we are empty-handed, floundering. Nothing takes shape for us. We scrape by.

Ka Ta See is an ancient knowledge offering many tools for thriving in life. Elders, teachers, and shamans of the tradition have gone to great lengths to pass on and protect the knowledge because they deeply value the tools that have worked for over 30,000 years.  

These tools are available for your learning and use.

Ready to build, to paint?

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2013 Ka Ta See Counseling Program

"Already I am so delighted with the journey. So looking forward to the medicine of the experience and to one day being able to share this gift with others."
                                                            - yoga instructor

The class presently is filled. Please submit your name to be considered for a future series.

Shamanic Astrology of Awakening

"The powerful self-discovery from learning my chart has helped me immensely in moving forward in a purposeful way. I am excited about how knowledgable I have become in reading others' charts. I have also formed amazingly deep connections in this class and wouldn't miss it for the world."
          - student

The Take Your Place Among the Stars ongoing studies class is presently full.

Now taking names for those interested in the next ongoing astrology series in Santa Fe. The first class is now on their second year and can't get enough of it!

Also, if you are not in the Santa Fe area, individual or small group studies via Skype or phone will give you the opportunity to learn this unique shamanic approach to star knowledge.
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