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Individual Studies

 Private Studies

On Skype

"Thank you so much for the sacred space yesterday for me to heal. I so appreciate what you said about not "working" to get into Song but to ease into it. That is a huge change for me."  - Student

"Thank you very much again for our phone meeting, for your wisdom and guidance. It is so helpful."
- Counseling Agency Director

"It was wonderful to hear your voice and to express myself so freely. My step is much lighter as my heart is filled with  gratitude and abundance. Thank you for being you."
- Student

"Thanks so much for your skill in listening to those hidden beliefs and presenting them to me with unconditional love." 
- Healer

Individual Studies 
in Ka Ta See 

There is nothing as wondrous as finding and living in your Song. Your Song is everything you ever dreamed of!

Individuals interested in studying Ka Ta See on a one-on-one basis or scheduling private counseling-mentoring sessions with Ken are invited to do so. 

Study Plans and Options are created and offered to provide you with the unique teachings, ceremonies, and journeys of Ka Ta See. Teaching sessions can be arranged from one hour to full weekends of study and can continue as an ongoing apprenticeship involving years of study. 

The Teachings and Ceremonies include the following: 
  • Ceremony of Finding The Song
  • Sacred Altar-Making
  • Ceremony of Finding Your Direction
  • Life Energy Ceremony
  • Spirit Journeys, in which you awaken your spirit senses and meet your spirit helpers
  • Soul Retrieval Journey
  • Manifestation Ceremonies
  • Food as Nourishment
  • The Identification and Release of Old Programming

Ka Ta See Consultations, Studies, and Counseling Sessions*                    The magic unfolds in an amazing way!

Sessions are available over Skype, by phone, or in-person. 

In these sessions, dialog and interactions are based on unconditional love and the passion to be all of who we are, amazing and profoundly capable. There is a lot of caring and expansive energy during the meeting time that creates a nourishing space for the magic to happen.

*Please note that all sessions are based solely on ancient spiritual traditions of seeing, feeling, and honoring one's Song or Essence and Wholeness, and not on the western medical or modern day psychotherapeutic models of mental health diagnosis, analysis, and treatment.
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