"Chea and Domano had always said that to perceive something accurately one needed to clear the jabber out of the mind by turning one's attention into the feeling experience of one's own spirit or essence, 'one's own Song' as they called it.  This feeling state then becomes one's center and place of clear perception."

Sacred Link

​by Kay Cordell Whitaker

​page xii

immerse Yourself In A small Group Community while developing your counseling skills

The Ka Ta See Counseling Program is very unique. In an intimate group of four to eight people, you will experience a learning environment that is safe, caring, and respectful.  This small group setting allows for deep personal interactions and the building of a supportive community of like-hearted individuals.  

Through participation in the program, you will learn how to live in your Song, the vibrant feeling of your Spirit.  You will discover how to feel and perceive clearly with unconditional love and inner knowing. Through this profound learning process, you will explore how to offer Ka Ta See Counseling to others and assist them on their personal journeys.  When you know your Song and extraordinary ways and capabilities, you will be able to help them find their abilities to create the lives they really want. 

An Exceptional Program
The program is offered in two segments, the first being three years long and the second segment is a year in length.  The program is based entirely on the teachings of Ka Ta See, the Ways of the Eastern Andes.  You will receive monthly personal one on one sessions with the teacher of the course, Ken Robinson. During the sessions you will learn Ka Ta See and explore who and what you are as a wondrous and capable spiritual Being.  In addition you will identify and release cultural programing the habits, limiting roles and identities that no longer serve you. In the process, you awaken your ability to offer this counseling to others.

During the weekend classes, you will receive more teachings of Ka Ta See. You also will experience first-hand the shamanic spirit journeys and ceremonies of initiation that have been passed down for thousands of years in Ka Ta See.  

In the class gatherings, you will experience Ka Ta See awareness practices and ceremonies that assist you in collecting and directing your attention.  As you increase your ability to focus you then can purposefully direct your attention in ways that help you manifest your intent.

For More Information and to Apply for participation in the Two -Year Program
Please send an email to Ken describing your interest in Ka Ta See, the program. Include some background information about you and your experiences. 
As the present class is full, your name will be added to a contact list to be notified of a future class series.

All Walks of Life
Registrants are welcomed from all walks of life. In past classes, participants were active in the fields of nursing, alternative therapy (massage, chiropractic, herbal), artistic expression, and office and business management. There also have been students of shamanism and retirees.
Everyone's path and background is unique and this adds a wonderful diversity to the class experience.


Please note that the Ka Ta See Counseling Program does not teach or provide western psycho-therapeutic modalities of diagnosis and treatment. This program is based entirely on an ancient spiritual tradition of unconditional love and awakening called Ka Ta See. If you are interested in a more western approach to things, please seek an educational institution that offers you the training.

Ka Ta See Counseling


You have your own unique and beautiful Song. It is who you have been through the eons.

It is what you felt as a young child. It is how you identified yourself. 

When feeling your Song, you experience the in-love with life sensation. You live with boundless curiosity.

Waking up means knowing and living in your Song. This means you are no longer bound by fears and beliefs that squelch your joy, creativity, and aliveness.